Vaping is an excellent form of nicotine replacement therapy that can help you quit smoking, and millions of people worldwide happily vape every day. However, there are countries where vaping is illegal, and you can get in serious trouble if caught. If you are a vaper and planning to go on holiday now that the pandemic is easing, you will want to do some research before you go. Below are some of the countries you may wish to avoid where if you get caught vaping, you can land yourself in hot water.


If you are considering a holiday in the island state of Singapore and you are a vaper, you need to know that vaping is illegal in the country. Singapore has many strict laws, and if you get caught breaking them, you can face going to jail and potentially corporal punishment such as the birch. You may want to think twice before packing your disposable vapes from in your suitcase when heading to Singapore on holiday.


Another Asian country where vaping is going through the process of being made illegal is Vietnam, which strictly controls the advertising of any tobacco products. The laws have not been put into effect yet, but it is coming, which means you may want to avoid going on holiday in the country if you are a vaper. Many people vape in Vietnam, and it is still possible to buy vaping products, but if caught, you could find yourself facing a fine and potentially being taken to court for the offence.


Thailand is a popular holiday destination for millions of people every year, and they have started bringing in strict smoking and vaping laws for public places. Although you are free to vape and smoke in private, you can end up getting in trouble if doing it in a public place. You can face up to ten years in jail for the offence, and you can get a fine which can be as high as 30,000 Baht. However, plenty of people in the country vape, and police often turn a blind eye to it, but they will single out tourists who vape, and sometimes you can bribe your way out of trouble.


If you are planning a visit to Jordan for your holiday, you can use your vaping device, but you must be careful where you use it. The Jordanian government is making a concerted effort to create smoke-free public areas for the benefit of everyone, and you are not allowed to smoke or vape in public places indoors. Jordan has one of the highest smoking per capita rates worldwide, and it has a significant effect on the overall health of the population. If you visit Jordan on holiday, ensure you use your vaping device in appropriate locations and refrain from using it indoors, or you can find yourself in a lot of trouble.

These are a few of the countries where you will need to be careful when vaping, but there are plenty more as well. Before you book your holiday, do your research, and find out the rules on the country you are visiting for vaping, and you can help prevent your wonderful holiday from turning into a nightmare.

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