In the year 1952, Per-Ingvar BrånemarkDental an orthopaedic surgeon invented dental implants. Dental implants are replacement for missing teeth where a fixture is placed into the jaw bone allowing it to fix with the bones in few months and then a connector is placed on top that acts as a natural tooth.

These fixers act as natural jaw bones supporting each other i.e. the fixer and the connector. They are stable and also don’t affect the other natural teeth in your mouth. Presently, it is believed that there is no better replacement for missing tooth than dental implants.

These implants are so successful that not only do they function like natural teeth but they can also last for years acting and feeling like natural teeth. With new methods and technologies, this implant has become easier and people have also reported that dental implants are less painful than removal of teeth that was common previously.

St-Onge Dental Center in La Prairie, Montreal, Canada offers the best dental implant services where a group of experienced dentists takes out surgeries totally based on new technologies. They not only provide dental implant surgeries but also offer aftercare services of the implant. To know more about them, you can visit their website

The main aim of dental implant is to bring back the same feel and strength in the artificial teeth same as the natural one. Whether one tooth or the entire set of teeth, dental implant aims at giving the same essence like natural teeth.

There are few factors that determine dental surgeries, they are as follows:

  • Area where the tooth or teeth are missing.
  • Quality of the jawbone where the implant has to be made.
  • Quantity of the teeth that are to be implanted.
  • Amount of money that the patient has to spend on the dental implant surgery.
  • Condition of the patient’s health.
  • Preference of the patient for the dental implant.

However, the cost may vary from surgeon to surgeon which will include all the components of the surgery. Though, dental implant has become popular and people are benefitted by it, yet there are no insurance policies, as dental implants are considered as lavish surgeries.

There is risk with every surgery and like every surgery there are also risk factors for dental implants but if you take the responsibility and plan the surgery accordingly, it will help in the surgery as well as in the healing process.

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