Substance abuse is a growing concern. People of any age, any status and any race can get addicted to substance, like alcohol, heroin, meth, and face severe health and psychological issues.


So, what is crank? Crank is the street name of meth that is a highly addictive stimulant. This drug is also known by different names, like Glass, Crystal, Ice, Chalk, Tweak, Blue, Speed, Belly, and White Cross. It is a Schedule II drug and it has ruined millions of precious lives.

Crank Addiction

An addiction to crank or meth or methamphetamine will form quickly. However, with quick addiction, you will experience physical as well as psychological damage. It is a fact that meth or crank is highly addicting and for many people with one use addiction can begin.

Its continuous use will lead to increased tolerance. And the user will be requiring this substance more for attaining that “high” as he or she experiences before.

Recreational Drug and Meth

Meth is an illegal drug and it is used as a drug for recreational purposes. But it has highly negative effects on physical and mental health. It is considered as a party drug as it has that ability to keep its users active and awake. As meth is

Methamphetamine is known as a party drug due to its ability to keep users awake and active. It causes hyperactivity as it is a stimulant and it will accelerate heart rate, and you will face sweating, rapid breathing, and other health issues. You will find your body temperature is high. But this substance has many adverse effects and lead to its users to face severe problems.

What are the Adverse Effects of Meth?

For starters, meth will increase the level of tolerance. It will also cause food craving and users will need it more. It will disrupt the eating and sleep patterns. This will cause emaciation and weight loss.

You have to overcome this addiction and live a healthy life.

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