There are many methods like joints, blunts, wax, oil, Thai sticks, and many others to take CBD or THC. All of them are available in various sizes, colors, shapes, and designs, made with different type of materials. From these, bongs are the most preferable, popular, and ancient smoking method available in the market.

If you want to purchase a glass bong you can visit the local head shops like Bud’s Glass Joint. They provide reliable bongs in many styles with different percolators at reasonable price. Also, they offer designs of finest artists.

Here we provide you some information about different kind of bongs and material used to make it that helps you in choosing the right one.

Types of Bong Materials

  • Glass – It is the popular type of material used by most people because it will not affect the taste of smoke. With this, you can experience the pure taste of your smoke. As glass is a transparent material, you can check the gunk buildup and clean it very easily whenever required. All these reasons, makes glass bongs more expensive compared to others.

  • Plastic – The next popular material is plastic because it is highly durable. That means Plastic bongs will not break or get damaged even though they fell down accidentally, so you can easily carry them with you to anywhere. Also, they are very cheap, so anyone can buy it but the only problem is, it affects the flavor of smoke.
  • Ceramic – It is heavier than other material so you cannot carry it anywhere. These are the best choice to use on occasions or even you can use them for decoration by displaying on your shelves or in cupboards. They are little costlier than plastic made bongs as they contains creative designs on it.
  • Bamboo – Bongs are mostly made by using bamboos in starting period. They will have tubular design with paints, garnish, etc, and looks simple. If you are looking for a piece that lasts for a long time, then it is the best choice because it is highly durable.
  • Metal – You can find metal made bongs in stores, but very rare. Metal bongs are very cheap and durable but it will change the smoke taste and difficult to maintain it.

Also, there are various bong designs including straight tube, beaker, multi-chamber, and more with different percolators. It’s a good idea to try the different bongs once to make a right decision. From them, you can find the right one depending on your need and price.

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