Stem cells are capable of becoming any other cell in the body after division. It is not surprising that so much is being written about stem cell treatments. There is also some debate around it, but you need to understand that there are two kinds of stem cells – embryonic and adult stem cells. The use of embryonic stem cells is under a lot of scrutiny, but the other is not.  The use of stem cell therapy for pain relief is now known, and there are many clinics that offer the choice as an alternative to surgery and medications. In this post, we are discussing more on what to expect before and after stem cell treatment.

Before the treatment

The first and foremost step is to evaluate if stem cell treatment is right for you in the first place. To assess the same, your doctor will recommend a wide range of diagnostic tests, which may include an MRI too. The treatment plan will be decided accordingly. In most cases, stem cell treatment is recommended in sync with PRP or PPP therapy. Both platelet rich plastic and platelet poor plasma are derived from the blood of the patient, just like stem cells.

Before the actual treatment, you will be asked to avoid anti-inflammatory medications for at least three days. Your doctor will also ask if you are using any blood thinners. For the treatment, you will be asked to wear loose clothes and must drink a lot of water an hour prior to the actual session.

After the treatment

The treated area is likely to be numb for the next few hours, and you will be asked to avoid extremely strenuous activities for that period. There can be some soreness at the injection site for the next two to five days, but that should subside. While low grade fever is not uncommon, you should consult your doctor if your fever crosses 100 degrees. Most anti-inflammatory medications must be avoided until you are going through the treatment, as these may have an adverse effect on the effectiveness of stem cell treatment. Extra Strength Tylenol may be suggested for pain, but wait for your doctor’s suggestion, and you can also use ice packs for the swelling.

Patients need to come back after a month of the treatment, and two or more sessions can be required for the best benefits. Check online for clinics that offer stem cell treatment near you!

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